StreamStores VS SuperStores – Awesome Software Create Ecom Stores Easy and Fast

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What Is The Best Ecom Store Builder Creator Software Today???
In this video I present you 2 best ecom stores builder creator software today that is Streamstores and SuperStores

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Ecommerce Is Massively Profitable

Billions of people are buying products online every minute of the day and night. Ecommerce marketing increased from 1.3 billion in 2014 to 2.8 billion in 2018 and is expected to be 4.5 billion by 2021. More and more people are spending money at online stores rather than visiting brick-and-mortar stores.

And that’s why everyone is trying to jump on this eCom bandwagon because from a teenager who lives in a college hostel to 65-year-old granny, you can make a fortune from eCom.

With such numbers, everyone wants to take their fair share of profit from these eCom giants.

Love it or hate it, there is no other income stream where people are making such amount of money without a major investment.

Ecommerce products are easy to sell – Yes
There is a clear path to monetization – Yes
Ecomm Affiliate sites are easy to set up and replicate – Yes
There are lots of buying keywords and opportunities for traffic – Yes

You have to get a bit of traffic here, get a few sales there, increase a few conversions here and receive a few cheques there.
So Why 95% of the Stores Fails!
Starting an eCommerce store can be fast, relatively easy, and not very expensive. However, with something like an 80% failure rate, creating a successful online business is more challenging than some entrepreneurs imagine.

Typical conversion rates hover around 1% or 2.5%, and they wait for that 98% to return and buy, which is never going to happen

Ten Reasons Why Most Starters Don’t Break into the Profit Zone

1. Learning curve with complicated software to build the store
When you are starting out, you don’t want to deal with complicated software that requires you to deal with APIs and installing massive plugins that take heavy setup work. For listing just a few products on your stores, you have to do manual work for hours and still expect a little less profit.

2. Finding winning products that actually make profit for you and keep them updated
The biggest barrier to making your store profitable is selecting winning products. 78% of stores fail to sell the product that their audience actually wants. Even if you have passed through the bottleneck, it’s still a tedious task to keep researching for winning products and regularly updating your stores and prices of the products. And after a while, your stores are dead and non-profiting.

3. Horrible conversions and massive cart abandonments
You are not making a niche website where you sell only one product; you want your visitors to keep buying. However, most stores around stop just after selling one product and don’t entice visitors to keep buying and buying. The so-called huge store builders online are still not focused on cross-selling.

4. Ugly or non-converting design
When shopping online, customers are unable to pick up a product and take a good look at it. Instead, they rely on how you showcase your product. If the design and layout do not convince them to click on the “Add to cart” button, all of your efforts from building sites to driving expensive traffic are in vain.

5. Cookie monster eating your commission
Amazon provides only 24 hours of cookies and if you intend to bring back that 97 % of visitors who didn’t make any purchases during their first visit, you have lost them forever. Worse, if they leave your site now and buy the same product from Amazon directly, you don’t get anything for your efforts.

6. The eight world problem
If you limit yourself to only one country, how can you expect profits like global leaders? Most store builders allow you to build stores from a single country and you are going to lose the huge opportunity on the table.

7. Ignoring mobile traffic while it covers 27-35% of the sales
27% of eCommerce sales come from the mobile devices, and the phenomenon of checking online stores and making purchases on mobile devices is no alien now. If your store is not mobile optimized and it repels your visitors, then you are going to lose to your competition.

8. Most Shoppers Won’t Purchase from a Site That’s Not in Their Language or Currency
According to the stats, 75% of the visitors want to buy products in their native language, and 59% rarely or never buy from English only sites. Going native with your site’s language can make or break global sales.

SuperStores Review Demo :
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