Amzscout Pro Extension 2018 Tutorial! How to Find New Niche in the Extension

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AMZScout Review – Learn how to get tons of ideas of products to sell on Amazon. Choose the niche that makes the exact profit you want. Amzscout tool is an easy-to-use guide that will help you make the best decision in your life to start the stream of your own Passive Income and you Own Business!


Sales Estimates – Get estimated sales in just one click to analyze the niche.
Revenue Estimates – You can instantly check estimated revenue and obtain more data for your product sourcing.
Fulfilment details – Get all the data on FBA fees.
View trends – Analyze Google trends on every product you’re researching.
Sales rank – Obtain relevant information on Best Sellers Rank.
Profit Calculator – Calculate your estimated income in a few clicks.
Historical Data – Get historical data of price and rank changing.
Instant information on ratings – Obtain information on how other products are rated in a blink of an eye.
Quality of Product Listing – Analyze listing quality via our LQS value.
Data Export – Export data in excel table whenever you need.



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